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Vakar “Zen And The Art of Programming” bloge pasirodė įdomus įrašas apie techninio marketingo įgūdžių būtinybę programuotojams.

Technical marketing is not about spamming, selling out, deceiving or spreading FUD regarding your competition, whoever they may be. Technical marketing is about promoting a given product or technology by clearly illustrating its advantages to a technical audience.

Ruby on Rails’ story is a proverbial example of technical marketing done right – and it all started with a convincing screencast by David Heinemeier Hansson. David’s demo was not the most amazing technical demonstration of all time, but it was effective at conveying the potential benefits that could derive from the adoption of this new framework. That’s what got people interested enough to want to take a second look at it. The framework actually being good, did the rest.

Small adjustments to the way we think about projects and the way we showcase them, can have a huge impact on their success. It’s worth genuinely caring about these details and embracing the possibilities that begin to open up when you make decisions with marketing in the forefront of your mind.

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