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Apple prieš inovacijas

Lifehacker rašo apie Apple ir jos pavojingą politiką inovatyvių, bet su kažkieno interesais besikertančių produktų tvirtinimu App Store:

Apple just rejected the Google Voice iPhone application from App Store distribution, the most recent in a long line of questionable moves, and the message is clear: If you want a device that won’t lock you out of innovation, skip the iPhone.

From another angle, Apple only seems concerned with duplication of features if an application competes with an app that they already made. If you’re competing with another non-default third-party application, you can go and duplicate all you want (hence the oft-cited Fart apps).

The real problem, then, is that Google Voice, and all it offers, is actually much better than what AT&T offers.

Apple and AT&T are living dangerously though. Apple has also forced video services like Slingbox to cripple their applications because of purported concerns over data usage, while approving ones from paying partners (e.g. Major League Baseball) that would put more strain on a network than Slingbox’s would.